Data supplied by the user are stored on electronic databases owned by Lanificio Marchesin which is also responsible for treatment. Data provided are those provided during the registration to the service and the successive changes and / or additions by the user. The treatment of data are to: - To provide the services on offer; - Provide services that may be considered Laltracarta affect the user; - Verify the quality of services offered; - Tracing alleged offenders only where specifically required and on behalf of the authorities' competent.

The data are divided into two categories: compulsory and optional, so 'as marked by the forms. The data required are those strictly necessary for the provision of services and security. Optional data elements are useful to improve both the services and the communications. In accordance with the Privacy Law 196/2003 the user has direct access via the web to their data, so 'as in possession of Lanificio Marchesin, through their own access codes (username and password), it is left to his conscious responsibility l' integration, modification and deletion of data, at any time and without intermediation. Through the same interface the user can 'manage the reception, periodicity' and the information disseminated by Lanificio Marchesin.

The consent to the processing of personal data is provided with the entry in the absence of consent is not 'can join the service even if the user may at any time, decide what data to store in the availability of Lanificio Marchesin and receive such information. You, however, withdraws from the service makes it inaccessible when the information needed for its bid (as required).


Lanificio Marchesin and 'to remain in favor of those who use the network for legitimate reasons. E 'but' strongly opposed to those who wish to cover with the apparent anonymity of the network acts contrary to laws, regulations or discipline and felt that through the electronic registers and 'able to trace the IP address of the customer to meet any demands of the authorities 'competent. The personal data can be transferred to a third party's prior informed consent, their use will be 'limited to Lanificio Marchesin for communications relating to this contract and for sending a newsletter of information and news on' opportunities and 'on the Internet and offers inherent in the subject covered by this site. The receipt or less and the content of the newsletter will be manageable and customizable by user directly through the web. The advertisements, placed in the free services in question are operated by means of profiling / personalization comunicazioni.Responsabile of treatment and 'the Company' Lanificio Marchesin. Aware of the provisions of the Privacy Law 196/2003, I agree to the processing of data just mentioned.



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