Our knitting has a label that permits the dry washing too.
A quality dry washing will guarantee a long life to your cashmere and merino wool knitting and it will remove possible stains.
However, our articles can be washed in tepid water; a hand washing will give back freshness to your garment without affecting their softness.

• 100% Cashmere knitting: don’t fit it for 2-3 days running, in order to leave the natural textures relaxing.

• Wash your knitting by hand, after having worn it maximum 2 or 3 times, into tepid water (30°C max) using a specific detergent, turning the garment inside out without rubbing and twisting.

• Rinse the garment several times into tepid water (30°C), without squeezing it, in order to avoid stains of detergent on the textures.

• Spin-dry with washing-machine at 600 revolutions pro minute, or plug lightly with a towel.

• Dry it on a flat area, extending the knitting on a dry towel far from the light and from direct heat founts.

• When it is dry, iron the knitting inside out, with warm iron (using particular wool program) with a wet cloth in the middle.

• To remove the possible peeling effect, use a specific comb. It will be very easy to remove it from cashmere garment.



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