Pashmina is a particularly raw and thin type of cashmere. It is produced by cashmere goats that live in the Pashmina Indian zone.
The annual production is only of 200 g, while a Chinese goat produces about 500 g and a Mongolian one produces up to 1000 g.

Normally, the word “Pashmina” refers to a stole of thin and light weft, so there is a generally confusion between the accessory and the raw material.
Sometimes, stoles are realized from a selection of under throat part of the animal, being a zone with longer, thinner and softer hairs.

The name “Pashmina” is not both protected and certified in Europe, so sometimes You can find marked Pashmina stoles and indeed, they are made by viscose, polyester or acrylic.
Our Pashmina are labeled by name “scarf” to avoid to make this confusion.
They have considerable dimensions, 200X100 cm, with an accurate and very thin texture; they are stained- garment and produced with a thread 2/120.000 by 100% cashmere of Indian Pashmina.



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